Jet Powers made his first appearance in A-1 Comics issue #30, published by Magazine Enterprises in 1950. A-1 Comics was used in a similar manner to Dell Publishing's Four Color Comics. It was used as a vehicle to trial new characters and potential titles. So this was titled Jet Powers issue #1.

Jet Powers was created by the artist Bob Powell and the writer Gardner Fox. Jet Powers was a brilliant scientist and inventor, who was also supremely fit and athletic. He was aided in his his fight against tyranny by the beautiful Su Shan, who he had rescued from the evil Mr. Sinn

After just four issues Jet Powers was dropped. Well, to be more precise the title changed to American Air Forces starring Jet Powers, but this time he was not a scientist instead he was a fighter pilot during the Korean conflict. The two characters bore no relation to one another.

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Jet Powers - 4 Issues