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Are we alone? You'll never be alone with a copy from our Science Fiction shelf which features some of the greatest science-fiction comics.

Join Tom Corbett Space Cadet as he trains at the Space Academy, to join the elite Solar Guard or hop on board Commander Buzz Corry's Space Patrol ship. Rod Hathway, Space Detective will also ensure that our journey is a safe one, as he battles corruption and piracy throughout the solar system.

Amongst the titles we have the bizarre Space Western Comics, a mixture of science fiction and western and also one-shot comic books like: Rocketman, Flying Saucers and Attack On Planet Mars.

Artist and writers in this section include: Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Norman Saunders, Rocco Mastroserio, Bill Molno, Charles Nicholas, Vince Alascia and Steve Ditko, to name just a few!

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Sci-Fi Collection - 20 Titles (124 Issues)


Attack On Planet Mars

Comic Book Cover For Attack On Planet Mars Issue #1 Avon Periodicals

Fantastic Worlds

Comic Book Cover For Fantastic Worlds Issue #5 Standard Comics

Flying Saucers

Comic Book Cover For Flying Saucers Issue #1 Avon Periodicals

Jet Powers

Comic Book Cover For Jet Powers Issue #1 Magazine Enterprises

Lars Of Mars

Comic Book Cover For Lars Of Mars Issue #10 Ziff-Davis

Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds

Comic Book Cover For Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds Issue #2 Charlton Publications

Outer Space

Comic Book Cover For Outer Space Issue #17 Charlton Publications

Out Of This World

Comic Book Cover For Out Of This World Issue #1 Charlton Publications

Planet Comics

Comic Book Cover For Planet Comics Issue #21 Fiction House


Comic Book Cover For Rocketman Issue #1 Farrell Publishing

Science Comics

Comic Book Cover For Science Comics Issue #1 Fox Feature Syndicate

Space Action

Comic Book Cover For Space Action Issue #1 Ace Magazines

Space Adventures

Comic Book Cover For Space Adventures Issue #1 Charlton Comics

Space Busters

Comic Book Cover For Space Busters Issue #1 Ziff-Davis

Space Detective

Comic Book Cover For Space Detective Issue #2 Avon Periodicals

Space Patrol

Comic Book Cover For Space Patrol Issue #1 Ziff-Davis

Space Western Comics

Comic Book Cover For Space Western Comics Issue #42 Charlton Publications

Strange Planets

Comic Book Cover For Strange Planets Issue #10 I.W. Publishing/Super Comics

Strange Worlds

Comic Book Cover For Strange Worlds Issue #1 Avon Comics

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

Comic Book Cover For Tom Corbett Space Cadet Issue #1 Feature Publications