Military Comics was first published, Quality Comics, in August 1941. The series is best known for launching Blackhawk created by Will Eisner, Chuck Cuidera and Bob Powell. The artist who is now most associated with the Blackhawk is Reed Crandall, who was later succeeded by Dick Dillin.

Blackhawk, is the leader of a multinational team of crack pilots. Other members of the squadron are Andre Blanc-Dumont, Olaf Bjornson, Chuck Wilson, Hans Hendrickson, Stanislaus, Chop-Chop, and Zinda Blake, who is also known as Lady Blackhawk. The series was so popular that it was given its own title in 1944.

Also appearing in issue #1 was The Death Patrol created by Jack Cole. At the very same time he launched another of his characters Plastic Man, in Police Comics.

The Death Patrol story starts when a group of prisoners escape from gaol. The four convicts are Hank (cattle rustler), Slick (con artist), Butch (safe cracker) and Gramps(pickpocket). They hide in a plane that is owned by a millionaire, named Del van Dyne. Soon it is airborne and they are heading to England where van Dyne intends to help the war effort. He persuades the four to join him as it is better than going back to prison. As they can all fly they steal some German planes and make uniforms out of their prison clothes.

With the war years drawing to an end Military Comics was renamed Modern Comics with issue #44th in November 1945. The content initially remained the same, but slowly moved to away from military and into adventure stories.

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