The Don Winslow of the Navy comic strip was created by Lieutenant Commander Frank V. Martinek, who had worked in Naval intelligence during the First World War.

Don Winslow was devised as a means to help naval recruitment in the Midwest of the United States. Martinek had already used the Don Winslow character in some novels he had written. The strip, distributed by Bell Syndicate, ran from 1934 to 1955 and proved highly popular.

In 1937 the spy chasing Don Winslow made it onto the radio in his own adventure serial and in 1942 a cliffhanger serial was filmed.

Reprints of the comic strip were produced by various publishers including Merwil and Dell Comics. Then in 1943 Fawcett Publications issued Don Winslow of the Navy, featuring original comic book stories.

The cover for Issue #1 shows Captain Marvel introducing Don Winslow to the readers. The run lasted for five years until 1948, it was then revived in 1951 until the last issue #69. In 1955 Charlton comics began a brief run of reprints.

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Don Winslow Of The Navy Issue #21

Comic Book Cover For Don Winslow Of The Navy Issue #21 Fawcett Publications