Blackhawk's debut was in issue #1 of Military Comics published by Quality Comics in August 1941. This long-running series spawned a film serial, a radio series and also a novel.

The creators of Blackhawk were Will Eisner, Chuck Cuidera and Bob Powell. However, the artist who is most associated with the series is Reed Crandall, who was later succeeded by Dick Dillin.

The Blackhawk Squadron, are a multinational team of crack pilots. The group's leader is Blackhawk, eventually it is revealed he is an American of Polish extraction and his real name is Bart Hawk. Other members of the group are Andre Blanc-Dumont, Olaf Bjornson, Chuck Wilson, Hans Hendrickson, Stanislaus, Chop-Chop, and Zinda Blake, who is also known as Lady Blackhawk. The base for the squadron and its armory is Blackhawk Island.

In 1944 Blackhawk was given its own title which continued until the demise of Quality Comics at the end of 1956. Blackhawk was then sold to National Periodical Publications (now DC Comics), which kept it in continuous publication until issue #243 in November 1968. Since then there have been a few unsuccessful revivals and the occasional appearance or reference to a Blackhawk character.

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