Airboy was created by Charles Biro, aided by Dick Wood and Al Camy. He first appeared in issue #2 of Air Fighters Comics, published by Hillman Periodicals, in November 1942. Soon the comic with Airboy as its central hero became a top seller, and in December 1945 it was renamed Airboy Comics.

Initially Charles Biro drew the covers and also wrote the scripts with Dave Wood, while Dan Barry and Fred Kida worked as the comic's main illustrators.

The character Airboy is David ('Davy') Nelson II the son of a pilot, who in his first appearance is just 12 years old. He has inherited his father's flying skills and is also a crack pilot. His friend a Franciscan monk called Brother Francis Martier, invented an aircraft that flew like a bird by flapping its wings, but is killed during a test flight.

Davy inherits both the plane and also an ancient uniform. He renames himself Airboy and the plane he calls Birdie. Together they fight with the Allies during World War II. Amongst his foes are Valkyrie, who later along with Skywolf would become an ally of Airboy.

In 1953 Hillman Periodicals ceased publishing comic books and the first run of Airboy Comics ended with volume 10 issue 4 in May 1953.

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Airboy Volume 2 Issue #11

Comic Book Cover For Airboy Volume 2 Issue #11 Hillman Periodicals