T-Man was first published in September 1951, by Quality Comics, the run continued until the company folded in 1956.

It has the claim to fame of probably being the only comic book ever that featured a U.S. Treasury agent as its hero. T-Man was also a classic anti-communist title.

In the 1920s and 1930s, FBI agents were colloquially referred to as 'G-Man', being a shortened version of 'Government man'. Soon 'T-Man' became used for a Treasury Department official.

T-Man's name was Pete Trask and he also appeared on the back pages of Police Comics. The T-Man title ran for 38 issues until Quality Comics went out of business. When DC Comics acquired the rights to Quality's characters Pete Trask as T-Man was one of the titles they decided to discontinue.

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T-Man - 25 Issues