Murder Incorporated was first published by Fox Feature Syndicate in January 1948. The title was an attempt to join the popular comic book crime market and Fox soon followed this up with Famous Crimes and Crimes By Women.

Murder Incorporated attempted to be one of the most shocking of the crime genre. The covers of the first two issues had the words 'For Adults Only'. This was not a legal requirement and in fact it could well have been a ploy to entice children and young adults to buy it.

Murder Incorporated continued until issue #15 published in December 1949. There were for some reason two issues #9, so there were 16 issues in total. Murder Incorporated then switched genre into romance with My Private Life, which was published for two issues, until yet another switch into comedy with Pedro issue #18 published in June 1950. Pedro only lasted one more issue which was sequenced #2.

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Murder Incorporated - 3 Issues