Lawbreakers was first published, by Charlton Publications in March 1951. It has the distinction of being the start of a run that must be one of the most renamed and also genre shifting in comic book history.

Lawbreakers, continued until issue #9 published in November 1952, it was then renamed Lawbreakers Suspense Stories with issue #10. This then ran until issue #15 in November 1954. At this point it was renamed Strange Suspense Stories with issue #16 in January 1954. After 7 issues it was then retitled This Is Suspense, issue #23 which continued until issue #26. The name then reverted to Strange Suspense Stories with a long run lasting from October 1955 to October 1965.

In December 1965 the last renaming took place and it became Captain Atom issue #78. This would finally fold with issue #89 in December 1967. Apart from the numerous name changes Lawbreakers had morphed from a crime comic, into a horror comic and finally into the superhero genre.

However, this is not quite the end of the story as in October 1967 a new run of Strange Suspense Stories began starting at #1. There were 9 issues until the final one in September 1969.

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Law Breakers - 4 Issues