The Lady Luck comic strip was created by Will Eisner, with the artist Chuck Mazoujian. Eisner wrote the first two stories using the name 'Ford Davis' after which Dick French then took over writing.

Lady Luck's real identity is Brenda Banks, an Irish-American daughter of a millionaire mine-owner. Although she has no superhero powers, Lady Luck does wear a green costume but with a veil instead of a mask.

Nicholas Viscardi, later known as Nick Cardy, was in charge of both the art and scripting between May 1941 and February 1942. He added Peecolo, Lady Luck's chauffeur and assistant. Next to take responsibility for Lady Luck was Klaus Nordling from March 1942 to March 1946.

The strip was then canceled and replaced by 'Wendy the Waitress' by Robert Jenny, a humor feature. Lady Luck then returned the same year for a brief run between May and November this time drawn by Fred Schwab.

From April 1943 Quality Comics reprinted Lady Luck stories in their Smash Comics title. This was later renamed 'Lady Luck' for five issues, with Klaus Nordling creating new stories and Gill Fox providing the cover art.

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Lady Luck - 5 Issues