Ken Shannon made his first appearance in issue #103 of Police Comics, published by Quality Comics, in December 1950. This was a change in direction for the title, away from its superhero anthology roots and into the more realistic and grittier world made popular at the time by writers such as Mickey Spillane.

Ken Shannon fitted this mould perfectly, as he was a rough and tough private detective, who also had working for him a feisty redheaded secretary called Dee Dee Dawson. Issue #103 of Police Comics also introduced another character Treasury Agent Trask, known as T-Man.

A year later Ken Shannon had his own title, Issue #1 being published in October 1951. The series would run for just 10 issues, with the last one dated April 1952. However, during this time Ken Shannon also featured in every issue of Police Comics, in fact he held the cover until he was replaced in the last issue #127 in October 1956. Two months later Quality Comics folded and their intellectual properties were acquired by DC Comics. Ken Shannon was one of the characters that the company shelved.

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Ken Shannon - 10 Issues