Crime Must Pay the Penalty is a classic example of a comic book changing genre to follow public tastes. It is also an example of confusing sequence numbering.

In September 1941, Ace Publications launched their title Four Favorites. This was an anthology that included all of the company's superheroes. With the decline in popularity of superheroes, Four Favorites abandoned the genre with issue #27. Then, with issue #33 in February 1948, the title was renamed Crime Must Pay the Penalty, retaining the sequence numbering. The second issue of Crime Must Pay the Penalty published in June 1948 was numbered #2 rather than #34, and spun off as a new title, meanwhile Four Teeners issue #34 appeared, which was the end of the run started by Four Favorites.

Meanwhile Crime Must Pay the Penalty, appeared until issue #46 in July 1955. It was then renamed to simply 'Penalty' for issue #47 and the title then ended with issue #48 in January 1956. All these changes meant that there are two issues #33, one published in February 1948 and the other in July 1953.

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Crime Must Pay The Penalty - 10 Issues