Authentic Police Cases was first published in February 1948, by St. John Publications. This was the company's first departure from its standard output of humor and strip reprints. It was an attempt to capitalize on the current popularity of crime comics.

The cover for Issue #1 was drawn by Paul Parker, covers would then be drawn by Bob Lubbers, until issue #6 when they were created by Matt D. Baker. Baker, now famous for his work on Phantom Lady, is the artist most associated with Authentic Police Cases. He was the first African-American artist to work in the mainstream comic book industry.

Baker was also at the forefront of what we know as today as 'Good Girl Art.' The typical subject for this genre is is an attractive woman, wearing revealing clothing in an erotic pose.

Other artists who worked on Authentic Police Cases included Enrico 'Martin' Bagnoli. Bagnoli lived in Italy and his work was sent to St. John Publications through the mail. The female editor of the title was Marion McDermott. Authentic Police Cases ran until 1955, finishing with issue #38.

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Authentic Police Cases - 31 Issues