The Texan was first published, by St. John Publications, in August 1948. The series would then run until issue #15, published in August 1951, when it was renamed Fightin' Marines. The Texan returned the same year in October, and continued its run at issue #15. It was then renamed to The Fightin' Texan, for two issues before finally folding with issue #17 in December 1952. Amongst others George Tuska is known to have contributed to this title.

'The Texan' character was 'Roaring' Jory Braden 'who policed the prairies of long ago, known as 'The Texan', he and his pardner Lopez answering danger with a laugh and flying lead'

Other characters included The Bold Buckeroo whose real name was Tim Rollins. Rollins lost his ranch after being framed for robbery by the real culprit, Jake Burns and is after revenge.

The female interest was provided by Buckskin Belle, who was one of a short lived group of comic book characters based on Annie Oakley. She was the boss of her murdered father's ranch the Circle 'S'. Buckskin Belle might be 'just a gal, but keep clear o' her shootin' iron!!'

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The Texan - 16 Issues