The Hooded Horseman made his first appearance in Blazing West issue #14, published by the American Comics Group, in December, 1950.

The artist who drew him was Ogden Whitney and the writer is assumed to be Richard Hughes, the main editor of the American Comics Group. The Hooded Horseman continued his run in Blazing West until issue #21, in February 1952, when the title was renamed after him and the sequence numbering continued.

The Hooded Horseman title then ran for seven issues until February 1954 when it was shelved. However, in January 1955 ACG dropped their horror title, 'Out of the Night' and continued the Hooded Horseman series starting with issue #18, in January 1955. This short run ended with issue #22 in September, 1955.

The Hooded Horseman was really just a clone of the Lone Ranger. The Hooded Horseman as his name suggests wore a mask. Nobody knew his real name and he drifted across the range righting wrongs always accompanied by his dog, Flash.

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The Hooded Horseman - 10 Issues