Straight Arrow was a children's radio show sponsored by NABISCO, makers of Shredded Wheat. The series was written by Sheldon Stark, who also wrote scripts for the Green Hornet and Lone Ranger. First aired on the regional Don Lee Network on May 6, 1948, less than a year later on February 7, 1949 Straight Arrow was broadcast nationally.

Straight Arrow, is the son of a Comanche warrior. When he was 10 years old his whole village is massacred by white men and other Indians.

Wounded and now an orphan Straight Arrow struggles to a ranch, owned by the Adams who then raise him as their own son. After the couple die he inherits the ranch, which he then renames the Broken Bow Ranch. To outsiders he is just plain Steve Adams and appears to be a normal rancher, but when justice needs a helping hand, Steve enters a hidden cave and emerges on his horse Fury, as Straight Arrow. Only one person knows that Straight Arrow and Steve Adams are the same person and that is his friend an old prospector called Packy McCloud.

The program's popularity spread into merchandising and the launch of the Straight Arrow Comic book, first published by Magazine Enterprises in February 1950. The title would run for 55 issues. The artist most associated with the Straight Arrow comic is Fred L. Meagher.

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Straight Arrow - 15 Issues