The Lone Rider made his debut in issue #1 of 'The Lone Rider', published by Superior Comics (Farrell), in April, 1951. He was one of a group of Lone Ranger look-alikes that were popular at the time.

The writer on the series is not known, but the artist was Jack Kamen. Kamen would draw the Lone Rider for many years to come.

The Lone Rider's alter-ego was a rancher named Jim Larrimore. When trouble brewed he donned his mask and rode out on his horse Lightnin'. The horse was named after a bright yellow lightning bolt on his forehead. The Lone Rider was often accompanied by his Indian blood-brother Golden Arrow, later renamed Swift Arrow. Other characters were a Mexican sidekick named Diego and the evil Dr. Chuda. Dr. Chuda, who was immortal, could control minds and was bent on destruction.

The Lone Rider series ended with issue #26, in July 1955. However, the character continued in the back pages of Swift Arrow's own title and made sporadic guest appearances in the main feature. A couple of years later there was a brief revival of the character, now renamed 'The Rider' but that was short lived with just 5 issues published.

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Lone Rider - 13 Issues