Indians was first published by Fiction House in 1950. The title would run until issue #17 in Spring of 1953.

The star of Indians was Manzar 'The Bright Arrow' whose introduction was:

'The wild trappers of the Black Hills called him Dan Carter - and sneered at the name .... to them the tall nephew of old Pegleg Carter, boss of the trading post at Cougar Pass, was only half a man ... But his Indian brothers of captive boyhood days called him Manzar, The Bright Arrow - best and bravest of their braves.'

Other characters included Starlight by Ann Adams and Long Bow written by Captain Stuart Kerrigan. Long Bow was a Blackfoot boy who after being left an orphan was taken in by a white man known as Trapper Jim. Long Bow was given his own title which ran for 9 issues between 1951 and Winter 1952.

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Indians - 15 Issues