The Chief, first appeared in Dell Comics Four Color issue #290 in August, 1950. Four Color comics was a vehicle that Dell used to pilot potential new titles. Each issue was dedicated to a character, most of these were already licensed properties and comparatively few original characters debuted in its pages.

If the issue, or series of issues, was a success then it may well be spun off into its own title. The Chief, who was one of the rare original characters proved popular and was granted his own title starting with issue #2 in April 1951 and then to add to the confusion the title was renamed Indian Chief for issue #3 in July 1951.

The Chief was that creation of writer Gaylord Du Bois, who during his long career was a prolific author. Du Bois is credited with well over 3000 comic book stories and strips in addition to publishing children's novels. He specialized in outdoor adventure stories, in particular westerns and animal stories. During his long career Gaylord Du Bois worked on such titles as: The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Tarzan, National Velvet and Lassie.

Gaylord Du Bois wrote virtually all the stories in the first four issues of The Chief/Indian Chief and his remaining stories were used during the subsequent run.

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