Geronimo was first published by Avon Periodicals, in 1950. The series would run for 3 issues each with a different cover title. Issue #1 was Geronimo Indian Fighter, issue #2 was Geronimo On The Warpath and issue #3 was Geronimo And His Apache Murderers. At this point Geronimo was renamed Savage Raids of Chief Geronimo continuing its sequence numbering at #4 but the run ended with that one issue dated February 1952.

The Geronimo comic is a highly fictionalized account of Geronimo's life. The real Geronimo was born in a Bedonkohe band of the Apache on June 16, 1829. He was called Goyathlay meaning 'one who yawns'. When he was 17 Geronimo married Alope and they had three children. Tragically on March 6, 1858, Geronimo's camp was attacked by 400 Mexican soldiers, among the dead were Geronimo's wife, his children, and his mother.

Geronimo's chief sent him to Cochise's band for help in fighting against the Mexicans. Ignoring the bullets he ferociously attacked the Mexican soldiers armed with just a knife, making them pray to Saint Jerome, shouting 'Jeronimo!' This is how he came to be called Geronimo. The Apache people believed that Geronimo had special spiritual powers and also that he was protected from harm, and began to joining his band of resistors. It is indeed true that Geronimo was wounded many times, but always survived.

Soon Geronimo became famous for his daring exploits and escapes from both Mexican and United States troops. Eventually on September 4, 1886 an exhausted Geronimo and his small band of Apaches surrendered to troops. The 36 men, women, and children had evaded capture by thousands of Mexican and American troops, they were amongst the few forces left who refused to acknowledge the United States occupation of the American West. Geronimo spent the rest of his life as a prisoner and was never allowed to return to his homeland.

At the end of his life Geronimo became a celebrity and rode in President Theodore Roosevelt's 1905 inaugural parade. He died of pneumonia on February 17 1909, after being thrown from a horse. On his deathbed, Geronimo told his nephew that he regretted his decision to surrender.

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