Firehair debuted in Rangers issue #21, published by Fiction House, in February 1945. She then appeared in every issue up to #65 in May 1952.

In the Winter of 1948 Firehair was given her own title, that ran for eleven issues until Spring, 1952. It is not known who created Firehair or who many of the writers were, but most of the art work was by Lee Elias, Robert Webb and Bob Lubbers.

Firehair's real name is Lynn Cabot, the daughter of John Cabot a Boston businessman. Whilst accompanying her father, with a caravan of rifles, they were attacked by what appeared to be Dakota Indians. They were in fact white men in disguise.

Lynn Cabot, the only survivor was left for dead, where she was found by Little Ax, a Dakota Indian. He took her back to his tribe and informed his father the tribe's leader, named Tehama, of the ambush. Lynn Cabot suffering from amnesia was placed under Little Ax's care.

She soon became a member of the tribe and excelled both in strength and bravery. Because of her hair the tribe named her 'Firehair'.

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Firehair - 6 Issues