Death Valley was first published, by Comic Media, in October 1953. Comic Media was a small and short-lived company owned by Allen Hardy. When Comic Media closed, their titles and characters were sold to Charlton Comics. Death Valley ran until issue #6 published in August 1954, after the sale Charlton published 3 more issues until the run ended in October 1955.

Early issues feature the work of the famous partnership of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. The pair would work together for many years on such characters as Spider-Man, Metal Men, Wonder Woman and Superman. Andru and Esposito's drawing of Wonder Woman appears on a 2006 U.S. stamp.

Another artist whose work on Death Valley was Pete Morisi, who is now known as the creator of Peter Cannon 'Thunderbolt', published in the 1960s by Charlton Comics.

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Death Valley - 6 Issues