Crack Western was first published, by Quality Comics, in November 1949. The sequencing began at #63 because it was a retitling and genre change from Crack Comics a superhero anthology. Crack Western would run until issue #84 published in July 1952, after which there was another name and genre change with the retitling to a funny, Jonesy 'Wits and Half-Wits'. Contributors to Crack Western included Reed Crandall and Paul Gustavso.

Debuting in the first issue of Crack Western was the character Arizona Ames. He was renamed shortly after, in issue #66, to Arizona Raines, as Zane Grey, the famous Western writer, already had a character named Arizona Ames. Arizona Raines's horse was called Thunder, his sidekick was named Spurs who rode a horse called Calico.

Also appearing in Crack Western was 'The Whip', real name Johnny Lash. The Whip and his horse Diablo debuted in Crack Western issue #70.

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Crack Western - 5 Issues