One of the most bizarre runs of a title began in September 1944, when Charlton published Yellowjacket Comics. The superhero comic featured Charlton's new crusader, Yellowjacket.

Yellowjacket was crime writer, Vince Harley. He gained his powers after robbers tried to kill him using a box of yellowjackets. Afterwards Harley could control the insects and used this power to fight crime, wearing a yellow costume.

With issue #11, published in October 1946, the title was changed to 'Jack in the Box Comics' where Yellowjacket had his last outing and the genre changed to funnies. With issue #17 published in July 1948 there was another switch of title and genre with Cowboy Western Comics.

Cowboy Western Comics was a standard western title with reprints, regular strips such as Annie Oakley and also stars of western B-movies such as Sunset Carson and George Montgomery. The series ran until issue #39 in July 1952, then something quite strange happened.

The title was renamed Space Western Comics, it was an attempt at a cross genre title combining sci-fi with westerns. The star of the comic was a rancher named Spurs Jackson, who along with the standard cowboy attributes of hat, six-shooter, a sidekick named Hank Roper and indian named Strong Bow also happened to possess a spaceship. Along with his hired hands who became his Space Vigilantes, Spurs Jackson would set off in the ship to save earth from all manner of bug-eyed monsters.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Space Western Comics only ran for 6 issues until it reverted back to Cowboy Western Comics for issue #46, issue #47 was titled Cowboy Western Heroes, issue #48 was again Cowboy Western Comics, issues #49 to #67 were Cowboy Western. The final retitling was Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles which finally ended this strangest of titles in December 1959 with issue #75.

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