Buck Jones was born Charles Frederick Gebhart, in Indiana on December 12, 1891. He became a film star for two decades and was best known for his roles in westerns.

He joined the U.S. army in 1907 aged 16 and was honorably discharged at the end of 1909. After a brief spell as a test driver, he rejoined the army, which he left a second time in 1913. He then began work as a cowboy on the 101 Ranch, Oklahoma. He met his future wife Odille 'Dell' Osborne when they both worked in a Wild West Show. After they married the pair formed a touring riding show.

When their show was in Los Angeles Jones was hired by Universal Pictures as a stuntman and extra. He climbed the ladder to end up being used as the backup to Tom Mix. This then led to his first starring role in the 1920 film, The Last Straw. By the end of his career Buck Jones had 160 film credits.

In 1942 Buck Jones was one of the 492 victims who died as a result of a fire at a Boston nightclub, called the Cocoanut Grove.

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