Strange Suspense Stories was first published in June 1952 by Fawcett Comics. It then had a very confusing existence that lasted 15 years. This is one of the titles that the great Steve Ditko worked on.

Strange Suspense Stories was Fawcett's attempt to enter the comic book horror market, but as they did not want the title to be associated with their flagship character Captain Marvel, they did not put their name on the cover. The run lasted until issue #5 published in February 1953.

Strange Suspense Stories was then one of the properties sold to Charlton Publications. After initially cancelling Strange Suspense Stories the title was revived, but in a series of fragmented runs with various renamings including: Lawbreakers Suspense Stories and This is Suspense.

With issue #78, published in December 1965, the title was finally renamed Captain Atom. That is not quite the end of the story as, in 1967 Strange Suspense Stories was relaunched starting with issue #1. This last and final run lasted nine issues.

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Strange Suspense Stories Issue #35

Comic Book Cover For Strange Suspense Stories Issue #35 Fawcett Comics