Black Cat made her debut in Pocket Comics issue #1, published by Harvey Publications, in August 1941. The story was drawn and maybe written by Al Gabriele. Pocket Comics with its experimental small size only lasted 4 issues, so Black Cat was found a new home in Speed Comics. Then in 1946 Black Cat had her own title.

As times and tastes changed Harvey Publications renamed the title 'Black Cat Western' with issue #16 and Black Cat was now frequently pictured riding a horse. With issue #30 the title was renamed again to Black Cat Mystery. After this there were frequent renamings and Black Cat slowly disappeared from view.

Linda Turner was born into the film industry, her father was a silent film star and her mother a stunt woman. Starting her career as a stunt woman herself, Linda is now a leading actress. During a shoot, Linda becomes suspicious of the director, named Garboil, believing him to be a Nazi. To find evidence she tails him, wearing a disguise which includes an opera mask. Calling herself The Black Cat she meets Rick Horne, a reporter for the Los Angeles Globe, who is also on the trail of suspected Nazis. They discover that Garboil is planting secret information in his films and although they catch the gang, Garboil escapes. After this Linda decides to carry on her mission, to bring Garboil to justice and maintains her Black Cat disguise.

Over time other creators, apart from Al Gabriele, would be involved with the character including: Lee Elias, Pierce Rice, Jill Elgin, Arturo Cazeneuve and Joe Kubert.

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Black Cat Mystery - 1 Issue