Amazing Ghost Stories was first published by St. John Publications in October 1954. The series started with issue #14.

The reason for this is that in Summer of 1952 Ziff-Davis had published a title named Nightmare. This only ran for two editions before it was transferred to the St. John stable. The company then carried on the sequence numbering with issue #3 published in October 1953. At this point the numbering was altered to continue from their dropped Weird Horrors title with issue #10. The series then ran until issue #13 after which the title was then renamed Amazing Ghost Stories, but retained the sequence numbering.

Creators that contributed to Amazing Ghost Stories were Matt Baker, Everett Raymond Kinstler and it also featured reprints from Joe Kubert.

The public outcry over comic book content and Dr. Fredric Wertham's book 'Seduction of the Innocent' sealed the fate of Amazing Ghost Stories.

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Amazing Ghost Stories - 2 Issues