This 1950's advertisement from our collection is a bit different. The reason being that the product is still available. Not only that the manufacturer, Wilson Chemical Company, was not fraudulent like many others who advertised similar deals. The company pioneered the novel idea of advertising in comic books for children to sell their product.

The choice was money or free gifts. However, the use of advertisements by the Wilson Chemical Company to entice youngsters to act as sales people was eventually stopped in the 1960's by the Federal Trade Commission.

Boys! Girls! Ladies! Men! Given! We give you cash or premiums!

Judy and Jim Defy Savage Gorilla!

  • Gorilla: "G-r-r-r-r-r"
  • Woman in crowd: "Help! The Gorilla is loose!"
  • Jim: "Stand back! I've got a gun!"
  • Judy: "Get back!"
  • Man in crowd: "Look! He's climbing back into his cage!"
  • Woman in crowd: "That boy and girl saved our lives!"
  • Zoo Keeper: "You kids deserve a medal! Where did you get that '22' rifle and the bow and arrow?"
  • Judy : "We earned them selling White Cloverine Brand Salve!"
  • Boy in crowd: "Wow! I'm gonna sell some of that salve too!"

White Cloverine Brand Salve

White Cloverine Brand Salve - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book