No collection of advertisements would be complete without one from Charles Atlas. And this one is a classic!

Check the Kind of Body YOU Want! Charles Atlas holder of the Title "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man".

Yes, it's yours for the asking - the kind of body YOU want! Just tell me WHERE you need it - and I'll add SOLID INCHES of powerful new muscle - make your entire body over into the kind of power house that women admire and respect. Do you want broader shoulders - pounds off your waist and hips - more powerful arms - handsome legs - a mid-section with solid-as-steel muscle? Just check what you want right in the coupon below. You can get it in just 15 minutes a day - right in the privacy of your room. I don't care if you are 15 or 50 - skinny or not. My methods are famous for working FAST - getting RESULTS on skinny run-down bodies - turning flabby skin and bones into SOLID MUSCLE!

"DYNAMIC TENSION"! That's the ticket! The identical natural method that I myself developed to change my body from the scrawny weakling I was at 17 to my present superman physique! Thousands of fellows are becoming marvelous physical specimens - my way. I give you no gadgets or contraptions. You simply use the dormant muscle-power in your own God-given body - watch it increase and multiply double-quick into real solid LIVE MUSCLE. My method - "Dynamic Tension" is so easy! Spend only 15 minutes a day in your own home. From the very start you'll be using my method of "Dynamic Tension" almost unconsciously every minute of the day to BUILD MUSCLE and VITALITY. And you'll be using the method which many great athletes use for keeping in condition for boxing, wrestling, baseball, football, tennis and every other sport.

Valuable Trophy Given Away
Win this strikingly handsome "Atlas Champion" Trophy. Over 1 1/2 ft high! All pupils eligible.


The Kind Of Body You Want

The Kind Of Body You Want - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book