Who would have known that a spot of indigestion could be so dangerous? Well, apparently it is ... hmm ...

STOP Dangerous Indigestion Right Where It Starts

Your nervous stomach is where trouble begins. Stop food fermentation due to excess acidity right there. GAS-GON Tablets prove they are working by banishing painful gas in SECONDS. When you are busy - when you have eaten too fast - when you are nervous, for some reason or another - you get "a pain" soon after eating. That pain is gas, caused by food fermentation, when your nervous stomach has flooded in too much acid in its endeavor to digest the food. You are lucky if the pain is all you get. Often the bloated and distended stomach presses upward on the base of your heart, and you get that terrible so-called "heart-burn," right under the lower end of your breastbone. If the condition becomes acute, it can actually cause death.

These gas pains are Mother Nature's danger signals. She is warning you "do something about this quick". If your stomach has to let partly digested food through to your intestines, then you are headed for real trouble. These intestinal upsets cause headaches, lassitude, biliousness, diarrhoea. And all because you didn't stop the trouble right where it started - in your stomach.

Your doctor will tell you that one of the best ways to counteract the excess acid flooded out by your nervous stomach is to take immediately two or three pleasant-tasting GAS-GON Tablets, as soon as you feel any discomfort. Within SECONDS the pain vanishes! What has happened? The natural balance of your stomach has been restored to normal, so it can go ahead contentedly digesting the food with the right amount of acid required for the process. A certain amount of acid is necessary, you know, and normal. It is the excess of acid that causes the trouble.

GAS-GON gave me quick relief like nothing else ... wouldn't be without them.' - H.B. New York

My husband and I bless the day we discovered GAS-GON - Mrs D.M. Butte, Mont.

I had gas pains for years ... disappeared like magic thanks to GAS-GON S.K. Los Angeles Calif


Stop Dangerous Indigestion

Stop Dangerous Indigestion - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book