Would you really be the life and soul of the party with one of these, or maybe just considered a jerk?

Snakes Alive! Be the first in your crowd to wear the new SNAKE BOW-TIE the beautiful bow-tie with the disappearing snake!

HERE'S THE WAY IT WORKS! A long rubber tube and bulb is attached to the snake which is hidden in the tie. Place the tube out of sight with bulb hidden in shirt or pocket. Then, while talking to your friends, slowly press the bulb. Out comes the snake! Release the bulb and snake disappears!

This Top-Quality Tie in Popular Patterns Fits Like Regular Bow Tie. A terrific action gag. Surprise your friends and relatives! Buy one for Dad too!! Send no money! Just clip coupon and mail immediately. We'll send your beautiful Snake Bow Tie C.O.D. Pay postman $1.98 plus C.O.D. and postal charges. Or send check with order and we pay postage.


Snake Bow-Tie

Snake Bow-Tie - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book