Well this advertisement certainly seems to tell it the way it is!

It takes those extra lbs of solid flesh to "bring out" your natural curves.

If you're otherwise healthy but skinny, scrawny, rundown and lbs. underweight, try correcting this common mistake in eating.

There are three essential substances that many thin, scrawny and undernourished girls may fail to get in sufficient quantity from the food they eat. These substances are Vitamin B1, calcium phosphate and iron. If, like thousands of others, you are underweight without organic cause ... never seem to gain a pound are so thin that you look gangling and gawky from insufficient amounts of these precious elements, don't get discouraged. You may find that by correcting this simple mistake in eating you can easily add firm solid flesh ... extra alluring pounds that help bring out those natural eye-catching curves.

Skinny Men Are Not Attractive Either
... a skinny scrawny body is no asset in social or business life. Give NUMAL a chance to build you up, put firm flesh on you.

Numal Must Please You or No Cost
So if you are skinny, gangling and bony from lack of these precious nutrients, don't wait any longer, Get Numal today. You will want those extra pounds that "bring out" you natural eye-catching curves.


Skinny Girls Dont Have Oomph

Skinny Girls Dont Have Oomph - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book