This looks a bit expensive at $2.98, and how many children would have wanted it. But nerds in those days didn't have computers so maybe a few!

The Latest Fad - The Greatest Hit!

Sherlock Holmes Detective Cap

Get the year's biggest cap sensation - now! This sturdy wool and raylon detective cap is made and designed along the most expensive lines. Wear it all seasons, all occasions. Comes in handsome houndstooth check, either black or white. State color and head size when ordering, Only $2.98 - and you get FREE Private Eye Badge and Powerful Magnifying Glass. Use Coupon.

Gold-like metal, same size size shape as police badge. Wear it on cap, coat lapel or shirt. Flush it on the gang. Sent absolutely FREE when you order cap

You also get this powerful pocket magnifying glass. Study fingers prints, other clues. Handy in school and outdoors Yours FREE with cap


Sherlock Holmes Detective Hat

Sherlock Holmes Detective Hat - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book