It seems sort of strange that a cowboy star, like Roy Rogers, is advertising a bicycle. He also looks a little bit too big to ride on in comfortably!

Roy Rogers Says - "Next to riding you, Trigger, there's nothing like riding a Schwinn!"

Look at the exclusive features Schwinn offers ... and you'll go along with Roy Rogers. Knee-Action Spring Fork, Tubular Rims, Forewheel Brakes, Cyclelock, Built-in Kickstand ... plus lasting beauty, quality construction ... and the famous Schwinn guarantee.

Schwinn features that make one of these smooth riding, easy pedaling bicycles your riding partner for years!

Take a ride on this beauty today. Look for the name of your nearest Schwinn retailer in the telephone directory. Look for the Schwinn Seal of Quality on the Frame Beneath the Saddle.

See your favorite movie stars enjoying their Schwinn Built Bicycles & sparkling collection of great pictures in full color! Get yours simply by sending your name and address on a penny postcard. Do it now!


Roy Rogers Says

Roy Rogers Says - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book