The way this advertisement reads you are buying pretty much a real space ship and it is also apparently educational! Read on for more details ...

Real Space Ship Design - Large Size - Over 6 Ft. Long - Seats 1 Kid Inside - Complete Instrument Panel - Working Control Levers - Full Visibility Hinged Control Cockpit - Astro Star Map - Jet Exhaust Tube - Retractable Nose Cannon -It's Aluminum Laminated

Imagine a streamlined Space Ship big enough to hold a child ... How thrilled he'll be as he checks his antenna screen, consults his star map of space and Blasts Off!

How important he'll look as he works his disintegrator gun and bomb bay doors, going forward and backward. banking left and right to return victorious from his conquest of space. Stimulates scientific interest. Sturdily constructed of aluminum laminated fibreboard, its a cinch to assemble.


  • Retractable Nose Cannon
  • Altimeter
  • Jet Steering Levers
  • Radar Screen
  • Bomb Sight Disintegrator Gun Sight
  • Oxygen Control
  • Atomic Fuel Gauges
  • Air Speed Indicator

Rocket Space Ship

Rocket Space Ship - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book