Really not sure that many men would actually think that this is such as great idea!

Now large bust women can have a new shapely breast loveliness ... it's easy to look youthfully trim in your hide-a-away NU-YUTH Bra - developed by America's leading figure control experts - for a shapely, slenderized appearance that you thought was only a dream. And so comfortable! Don't risk a cent.

Your NU-YUTH BRA is the result of a revolutionary new discovery in bra-design. Permits you to hide-a-way the "extra", in both bosom and tummy ... AND ... it's just seconds for the change to a new world of attractiveness.

Now Hide-A-Way your large bust troubles. Easy with NU-YUTH Bra to comfortably regulate your own size. Don't despair because of sagging, heavy, wide bust. Amazing new magic laced midriff adjusts to your own figure. Gives you Sweet Sixteen separation and firmness. Chafe-proof seams, bind-proof construction add extra comfort to supercarded pre-shrunk durable broadcloth.

Mattie M. of Brooklyn, N.Y., says, "I used to spend a mint of money looking for the right bra. It was always hit or miss until I tried "NU-YUTH" bra. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the things it does for my appearance. And I look 100% better In clothes now."


Reduce Large Bust In Seconds

Reduce Large Bust In Seconds - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book