This looks great! However, just as a guess does the 'mobile power' involve children using their feet?

A Real Mobile Tank - Large Enough for Two Kids But Can Be Handled By One

It's Mobile - Pilot gets INSIDE - Guns Swivel - Turret Turns

Imagine your thrill when you get inside this authentic replica of the mighty "General Patton" tank and power forward to adventure. This six foot hunk of equipment so realistic with its mighty cannon, swiveling machine gun, simulated treads, and other authentic tank features that its bound to bring squeals of delight from any young warrior.

And, when you and a pal get right down into tho fully equipped control room and close the cockpit cover - you can bet you're using your mobile power to devastate every imaginary enemy in your path. Sturdily constructed for long periods of fun, it's bound to bring more thrills and adventure than you've ever known from a toy. So don't delay!


  • Intercom System
  • Revolving turret
  • Elevating 75MM cannon
  • Co-axial machine gun
  • Range-finder sight for pin-polnting targets
  • Real periscope permits you to see the enemy without exposing yourself
  • 2 way radio controls
  • Whip antenna and flag

Act now. Only $4.95. Because of its gigantic size, we are forced to ask for an additional 63c shipping charges.


Real Tank

Real Tank - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book