Well, here's a surprise! In 1960 Clark H. Geppert Byron Geppert and Fidelis Geppert who were partners trading as Dean Studios were issued with a Cease and Desist order by the Federal Trade Commission. It was for advertisements such as the one beneath that were: "false, misleading and deceptive".

So, it appears that no dog ever arrived and it also raises the question about whether the sweet and lovable Mrs Ruth Long really existed!

"I'll be happy to send you without you paying a penny, this lovable, young, miniature DOG that is so tiny when even fully grown you can carry it in your pocket or hold it in one hand, yet it barks and is a reliable watch dog as well as a pet. You can keep it in a shoe box and enjoy many amusing hours teaching it tricks ... active, healthy, intelligent and clean. Simply hand out only 20 get-acquainted coupons to friends and relatives to help us get that many new customers as per our premium letter. I enjoy my own lively, tiny dog so much. It is such wonderful company that I'm sure you'll simply love one yourself.

Please send me your favorite snapshot, photo or HOME Kodak picture when writing for your Miniature Dog. We will make you a beautiful 5x7 inch enlargement in a handsome "Movietone" frame SO YOU CAN TELL YOUR FRIENDS about our bargain hand-colored enlargements when handing out the get-acquainted coupons free.

I'm so anxious to send you a miniature dog that I hope you will send me your name, address and favorite snap-shot, right away and get your 20 enlargement coupons to hand out free. Mrs. Ruth Long, Gift Manager."


Real Live Minature Dog

Real Live Minature Dog - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book