The war is finally over and some companies are getting back into their old business. Fireworks are back!

Yes sir, Banner Fireworks Co. of Toledo, is right back with the old reliable fireworks you have known and used for years, and a lot of sensational new creations you never heard of before. Startling pyrotechnical displays! Brilliant and colorful light effects that will make you gasp with amazement! Weird noises! Ear-splitting detonations! Thrills galore! You'll be the envy of all your friends and neighbors when you start celebrating with BANNER Fireworks ... always "tops" in quality ... always rock-bottom in price!

With our greatly increased facilities for production, we expect to sweep the field this year because we plan to give you MORE FOR YOUR MONEY than ever before. We have a beautiful big new catalog all ready to send you FREE, if you wish it. But to avoid disappointment we advise you to order from this ad this very day. Order one or more of the special assortments listed below. But order early! Supplies are limited and late buyers may be disappointed. Use the quick action order blank below - now!


We've planned these 3 assortments to give you just the kind of a celebration you want:

  • No. 1. A big flashy assortment of noise and color for all the family, old and young
  • No. 2. An ALL-NO1SE assortment for kids who like lots of racket.
  • No. 3. A quiet display of action and color with little noise for those who like a quieter celebration.

No matter which of the three you choose you get highest quality and sensational value for your money.


Pre-War Quality Fireworks

Pre-War Quality Fireworks - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book