Whatever happened to the Gahoon? According to this advertisement it was very easy to play and sounded just like a saxophone. Maybe that was not quite the truth!

If You Can Carry A Tune You Can Play The Gahoon!

9 out of 10 play it in 10 minutes

Sounds Like A Saxophone Pick It Up And Play It!

No study - no lessons - no musical education - no reading of notes -no practice. Simply bend the mysterious stem and PLAY IT!

THE AMAZING GAHOON the sensational new musical invention that nine out of ten people can play in 10 minutes. Gives two full octaves of rich, clear tone like an E-flat Saxophone. Genuine Sax mouthpiece - Genuine Sax reed.

Built on the same principle as a Saxophone, EXCEPT, with the mysterious new simplified Principle. Instead of opening air ports, you merely bend the coiled-spring stern. This shortening or lengthening of the air column determines the tone, half-tone or quarter-tone. What a hit at parties, in school bands, army camps, in amateur or professional hill-billy and jug bands, in rhythm bands, or as accompaniment for singing. Plays any type of music from Bach to Carmichael. The more you play. the better you become. Play "hot sweet" loud, soft, rhumba, boogie-woogie or classical.


Play The Gahoon

Play The Gahoon - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book