It would be interesting to know how many of these were really sold, how many were returned and how many were never seen again!

Do You Want Spending Money?

Send No Money in Advance
You don't send us a penny until after you have sold these rich new mottoes that seem to light up when people pass by them. All you do is write us and tell us to send 40 of these gleaming mottoes. Easy to sell to friends, neighbors, relatives at only 35c each because they are so beautiful and the words give people such nice thoughts. After 2 weeks send back all unsold send us only 25c for each of those you have sold. You keep the rest of the money.

  • KEEP $2.50 If you sell 25
  • KEEP $3.00 If you sell 30
  • KEEP $4.00 If you sell 40

A SIMPLE IDEA. All you do is write us for the mottoes. Send no money in advance. Sell the mottoes for 35c. Send us 25c each for those you sell, and return the unsold mottoes. Keep all the rest of the money yourself.


Patriotic And Religious Mottoes

Patriotic And Religious Mottoes - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book