This is just a great or maybe not so great assortment of cheap gifts and novelty jokes. Most of these probably drove the unlucky parents mad!

Throw Your Voice
Your chance to be a ventriloquist. Throw your voice into trucks, behind doors and everywhere. Instrument fits in your mouth and out of sight. You'll fool the teacher, your friends and your family and have fun doing it. Free book on "How to Become a Ventriloquist".

Joy Buzzer
The most popular joke novelty in years! Wind up and wear it like a ring. When you shake hands, it almost raises the victim off his feet with a 'shocking sensation'. Absolutely harmless.

Loud Nose Blower
Blow your nose and it'll sound like the roof caved in. Fits right in handkerchief out of sight. Everyone in the room will jump as though they heard thunder.

Trick Baseball
It bounces cockeyed, it curves, it dips, it's impossible to catch. It's sure to set all the kids on the block spinning after it. There's a barrel of fun in every bounce of this amazing baseball.

Here's something new in target throwing. In case you miss, it comes right back to you, and bingo! You're all set to 'fire' again. More fun than a 'barrel of monkeys'.

One Tube Radio Pocket Size
Brings in stations up to 1000 miles away. Modern electronics makes this wonderful set possible. So small it will fit in a pocket. Everything is supplied for you. Easy to assemble in a few minutes with just a screw driver. No soldering required - Really powerful too - Announcements of stations up to 1000 miles away come in so loud and clear you'd think they were right near home. Learn many useful and important things about radio.

Look-Back Scope
Your chance to have eyes in back of your head. See behind or alongside and no one knows you are watching. Fun everywhere you go.


Mystery Magic Science Fun

Mystery Magic Science Fun - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book