Thankfully these types of advertisements are a part of history. The chances are that none of the poor chameleons would have survived.

With Performing CHAMELEON ... FREE

Now, for the first time ever you can have a real live circus of your own. Just dozens of fine toys, each wonderful in itself, make up this circus set for the "Greatest Show on Earth." You and your friends can have hours of fun setting up the props for the circus, placing the Ringmaster, clowns, Performing animals, and wild animal cages for the many exciting acts. You can even put on a real live trained animal act with the live, performing chameleon who will walk a tight rope, swing on a trapeze and change color right before your eyes from bright green to brown and back again.

Just look at all the things you get for only $1.00. Big Circus Ring, Wild Animal Cages, colorful plastic animals, Kangaroo with baby in pouch, clowns, Ringmaster, Chameleon Leash and Halter, Performing Platform, Tight Rope and Poles, Trapeze, 27 Wonderful pieces in all PLUS -- FREE THE LIVE PERFORMING CHAMELEON, who will not only act in your circus but will make a fine pet too. Order today at our risk. If you are not satisfied that here is the best toy --- the most fun ever then just return it after 10 days free trial for a full refund of the purchase price and keep the Chameleon as our gift to you.

Chameleons are real fun. They love to perform. You'll laugh with delight as they run with delicate balance along the tight rope or swing on the trapeze. They are harmless, clean and no trouble at all to keep as pets. Your friends will really gape with surprise when they see him riding on your shoulder. Your parents will be charmed with this small, clean pet. You'll love him. Sold normally for about 75c, you get this live chameleon FREE with the purchase of your Toy Circus. Here is our offer. Send us your order for the Live Toy Circus Today. We will send you one of these cute, harmless, performing pet chameleons free with each order. You pay only $1.00 and you must be 100% delighted or your money back.


Live Toy Circus

Live Toy Circus - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book