It is safe to say that there was no scientific basis for this advertisement. Hopefully, the product just left you with clean hair!

Beware of your itchy scalp, hair loss, dandruff, head scales, unpleasant head odors!

Nature may be warning you of approaching baldness. Heed Nature's warning! Treat your scalp to scientifically prepared Ward's Formula. Millions of trouble-breeding bacteria, living on your sick scalp (see above) are killed on contact. Ward's Formula kills not one, but all four types of these destructive scalp germs now recognized by many medical authorities as a significant cause of baldness. Kill these germs don't risk letting them kill your hair growth.


  • Kills these 4 types of germs that retard normal hair growth on - contact
  • Removes ugly infectious dandruff - fast
  • Brings hair-nourishing blood to scalp - quickly
  • Stops annoying scalp itch and burn - instantly
  • Starts wonderful self-massaging action - within 3 seconds

Once you're bald, that's it friends. There's nothing you can do. Your hair is gone forever. So are your chances of getting it back. But Ward's Formula, used as directed, keeps your sick scalp free of itchy dandruff, seborrhea, and stops the hair loss they cause.

Almost at once your hair looks thicker, more attractive and alive. We don't ask you to believe us. Thousands of men and women - first skeptical just as you are - have proved what we say. Read their grateful letters.


Kill Hair Destroying Germs

Kill Hair Destroying Germs - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book