Joe Bonomo was a strongman who won the 'Mr Modern Apollo' contest in 1921. He then entered the movie business as a stunt double. With the advent of talkies his Brooklyn accent meant the end of his film career and he began a successful mail order bodybuilding business.

Joe: After I won the "American Apollo" contest for the best physique in the country, I went to Hollywood where I became a star and the most daring stunt man in pictures.

Boy: Wow! What a stunt!

Joe: Soon so many boys were writing in to ask how they, too could develop a body like mine that I formed the Bonomo Boys' Health Clubs.

Joe's Secretary: Here are some more membership applications, Big Joe.

Joe: Now I devote all my time to publishing health books, teaching health over the radio and building bodies for boys like you!

Boy: Gee Big Joe that's keen! Could we join your club and get big and strong too?

Joe: Sure fellows why shouldn't you have power, muscle, new strength, a magnificent build? Here's my new streamlined power-plus training course!

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Joe Bonomo Power-Plus Course

Joe Bonomo Power-Plus Course - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book