If this spaceship was half as much fun as the advertisement says, it must have been great!

It's Gigantic - Over 7 Feet Long - Control levers that work! For you - a real streamlined Space Ship big enough to hold you and a pal on trips through space. It's complete with all the newest scientific advances of flights of the future. There's no more make-believe, no more pretending with small models. This is really it! You are pilot, captain, and gunner - your friend can be observer and navigator.

Imagine all this! There you are giving orders as captain of your own sleek, stream-lined beauty. You check your radar antenna screen for all clear. You test all radio instruments and equipment. You close the hinged cockpit cover and check your Star Map of space. Then, with all your jet and rocket flying equipment in action, you BLAST OFF! You set your course, steering with the directional jets at the stern which are controlled by separate throttles at your fingertips.

Your forward disintegrator guns go into action. Your fully-equipped radar instrument panel shows the target. You release your load of powerful nuclear bombs and bullseye! You return home victoriously, set your reversing mechanism and you're in for a quick landing. This is just an idea of all the wonderful things you can do with your sensational new Space Ship.

Sturdily constructed of 3-ply fibreboard, it will bring you more fun and adventure than you've ever known. Easy to assemble. Only $4.98.


Jet Rocket Space Ship

Jet Rocket Space Ship - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book