Really not quite sure what exactly this is, but apparently it is DYNAMITE!

COSMIC VISION PRINCIPLE Amazing invention gives you perfect vision from within --- but cannot let anyone look thru at you. Same idea now being used by FBI and police to secretly watch suspects and prisoners and at schools to observe children. You can use it in many ways for terrific fun! Lightweight, Fireproof.

NEWEST SENSATION - NOW ... get set for the greatest, the most sensational experience you ever bad.

SPACE HELMET is a new, important invention of up-to-the-minute design. As new as the Atom Bomb! When you put this SPACE HELMET on YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING -- but nobody can see your face almost like being invisible.

Think of the great fun YOU will have ... just think how you will be admired by your friends and playmates for leading the way to a new sensational ideal COSMIC VISION is the secret ... You can be the first in your neighborhood to wear it and be envied by everyone.

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Invisible Space Helmet

Invisible Space Helmet - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book