If only it was really this simple! The book was only 98c, so might have been worth having a look at!

It's EASY To Win Her .... When You Know How!

Women are funny - you never know whether you're making the right move or not. Avoid disappointment, heartbreak! Save yourself lots of tragedy. Don't be a Faux pas! Read HOW TO GET ALONG WITH GIRLS and discover for yourself the ABC and XYZ of successful strategy. Put psychology to work. No more clumsy mistakes for you - get the real McCoy on how to deal with women in this amazing handbook.

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  • How To Date A Girl
  • How To Interest Her
  • How Not To Offend Her
  • How To Be Well-Mannered
  • How To Overcome "Inferiority"
  • How To Have "Personality"
  • How To Show Her A Good Time

How To Get Along With Girls

How To Get Along With Girls - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book