Learn to play in a day or it costs you nothing! We make this daring offer to every man or woman, boy or girl who enjoys music and who would like to play the harmonica. Now, for the first time, you can get a nationally advertised, genuine metal professional harmonica, and receive as a gift Hoppy's new method for playing it.

Along with the music and the words to 200 of your favorite songs songs that were selected so that you can sing and play right along with your favorite radio program or records. Expert harmonica players will tell you that the best harmonicas are the easiest ones to play. The harmonica you receive in this amazing offer is the full size metal professional model manufactured by the W. M. KRATT CO., makers of the world's finest harmonicas. It comes in the Key of C so that you can accompany other music. Each metal reed is individually tuned and tested. You cannot buy a harmonica with finer workmanship, no matter how much you pay. Hoppy's new discovery for showing you how to play makes it as simple as ABC and it's lots of fun.

  • Boy: GOSH, Jean, that's a swell harmonica, and you sure can play it. I wish I could!
  • Jean: It's easy to play, and you get this fine, full size harmonica, Hoppy's new method of instruction and words and music of 200 songs - All for only $1.69
  • Boy: Only $1.69 for all that? Boy. I'm sure going to send for it right away

Anyone who can whistle or hum a tune and count up to ten can learn so quickly that it is unbelievable. Most people say that this amazing method itself is worth the $1.69 price of the harmonica! Order your harmonica now while this introductory offer is being made. Remember. Hoppy guarantees that you will soon be playing song hits of all kinds or your money back!


Harmonica In 15 Minutes

Harmonica In 15 Minutes - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book